there’s something different when i see your eyes. but i really don’t know what it is.

feels like there’s some pretends on it.

i know we’re same. that’s why i want to help you, i want to be near you, i want to hold you.

the point is i want you to be more real. i want you to be as you.

i don’t know what it feels called. but obviously i feel glad when i’m with you..
maybe because there’s the same thing within us, may also be other things that I did not realize, or maybe i realized it but i didn’t wanna face it.

but now i couldn’t do anything with you.

because this world’s so naive, this world’s so full of rules, full of fake.

maybe in another life, in another world..
when i meet you again, i’ll tell you everything that i feel. i’ll give you everything that i have.
i’ll shout out your name a thousand times.

so now, i just can keep it by me, by myself. and i can do that only in my dreams.


~ by thecontentsofmyhead on September 15, 2010.

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